About McKenna

Our Customers know McKenna General Engineering, Inc. is much more than a name. Our team of engineers brings more experience to the table and has more than 50 years combined experience in heavy engineering construction. Our capabilities extend to many services under the heavy earthwork umbrella. We recruit the finest individuals in the industry to provide continuous training to keep our skills sharp. Our fleet of equipment is ACERT compliant to meet all of the new regulations and keep the environment safe. 100% customer service and satisfaction is what McKenna employees strive to achieve. These core components have given us an edge over our competitors while sustaining measurable growth in the industry.

Tim McKenna

Starting out as an operating engineer, Tim worked his way through college and earned a BS degree in business management and finance. After acquiring extensive work experience in engineering, construction, and land development, he formed McKenna General Engineering, Inc.

Jason Caufield

Jason brings over 25 years of heavy equipment mechanical experience and holds several CAT certifications. With his extensive knowledge of heavy equipment, he joined forces with Tim to form a team with diversified experiences that is guaranteed to provide optimal levels of production.


McKenna General Engineering, Inc. was started in January 2002, in Anaheim, California, by founder Tim McKenna. In 2004, Tim joined forces with Jason Caufield, who brought extensive heavy equipment experience. Initially the company operated solely as a residential grading contractor, but developed into an industry leader in heavy earthwork. Currently McKenna is one of the top general engineering construction firms in Southern California and specializes in heavy earthwork for public works, schools & universities, water & waste water, transportation, commercial, residential, municipalities, and power.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining the IIP Program in their work areas and for answering worker questions about the IIP Program. A copy of this IIP Program is available from each manager and supervisor.

All workers, including managers and supervisors, are responsible for complying with safe and healthful work practices. Our system of ensuring that all workers comply with these practices include one or more of the following checked practices:

  • Informing workers of the provisions of our IIP Program.
  • Evaluating the safety performance of all workers.
  • Recognizing employees who perform safe and healthful work practices.
  • Providing training to workers whose safety performance is deficient.
  • Disciplining workers for failure to comply with safe and healthful work practices.
Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Heat Illness Prevention Program

McKenna General Engineering's Heat Illness Prevention Program applies to the control of risk of occurrence of heat illness and applies to all outdoor places of employment at those times when the environmental risk factors for heat illness are present.

It is the purpose of the established program to ensure that all employees on the McKenna General Engineering job sites are protected from heat illness while working on job tasks where environmental risk factors for heat illness are present and to establish the minimum requirements for working in this environment.

Heat Illness Prevention Program

Protective Equipment Requirements

As part of our ongoing endeavors to provide safety in the work place, McKenna General has set in place rules and guidelines for safe practices while on the job site. The guidelines are to be adhered to by all field employees and will be enforced by their supervising field foreman.

  • 1.) Appropriate Attire – all field employees are expected to wear the mandatory attire when reporting to work. This is to include, but limited to:
    • A. Work boots (Absolutely No Tennis Shoes)
    • B. Full length pants or jeans (Absolutely no shorts)
    • C. Safety pants (For night workers)
    • D. Safety vests for persons on the ground
    • E. Hard hats (on jobs that require them)
    • F. Minimum short sleeve shirts (No tank tops)
    • G. Sunscreen for sun exposure
  • 2.) Distractions on the job site – all field employees are expected to be aware of their surrounding and be free of any unnecessary distractions. This includes:
    • A. Head phones
    • B. PDA's
    • C. MP3 Players
    • D. Personal cell phones (except in extreme emergencies)
  • 3.) Seat belts – all field employees are expected to wear their seat belts when operating equipment of any sort; heavy or otherwise. Failure to do so will result in


McKenna General Engineering's fleet has been certified by the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board and has been approved through 2020 by AQMD Standards.

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